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The joker

Origin planet : Earth 5003

Occupation: criminal

Status: Demi God

Abilities: invulnerability , genius level intelligence

Weaknesses : unknown


On Earth 5003 the joker had joined up to aid the justice league in the fight to defeat a bunch of rogue gods who intended to destroy the earth he didn't want anyone else to distroy the earth but him so he helped the justice league defeat them in the midst of the battle one of the gods lost his magic walking stick and it rolled in front of the joker upon picking it up he realized what it bestowed upon him.

In the following year the joker hunted down each member of the justice league and killed them, he hung them from buildings in each of their cities the only one who he was not able to kill was batman who immediately went into hiding after the joker began his killing spree, instead of killing superman he handed him over to dark side on the condition that dark side never attack earth. Lex Luthor attempted to stop the joker realizing that without the heroes to stop the joker he was their only hope but he died laughing one after one the new justice league which was the reformed injustice league attempted to stop him but failed.

The joker turned doomsday into his servant and unleashed him upon earth 5003 when humanity fought back, the joker sat back laughing as doomsday left the entire planet a waste land. In the mean time batman had been manipulating doomsday to turn against his master , the joker realizing that fighting doomsday was a no win scenario used stolen teleport technology to transport himself between parallel world still he was able to find himself a new home


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